Why prime lenses are better than zoom lenses|First lens to buy after kit lens|Malayalam Video

Now-a-days, dslr camera have reached ordinary people, which were once used only by professionals. Kit lenses are available with these camera’s but have lots of limitations. So, next choices are, either zoom lens or prime lens. A better option is prime lens because it has more benefits.
Prime lenses have fast autofocus.
Prime lenses produce more sharp images compared to zoom lenses because, in prime lenses the extra glass used to zoom is absent. So there is no quality loss due to diffraction.
3.Depth of field:
Prime lens usually have wide aperture. Hence have good background separation.
4.Low light performance:
Since prime lenses have wider apertures, more light reaches the sensor, hence even in low light conditions, good quality photos are produced.
5.Travel light:
Talking about a traveler who is passionate about photography, can carry prime lenses because they are small,thus reduce the luggage.
Prime lenses are less costlier than zoom lenses when it comes to the wide aperture
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