Tube light-painting photography tutorial: The perfect circle – #115

Let’s talk about light-painting circles with the tubes. This is the most comprehensive tutorial video about this topic so far. If this is new for you, here’s where to go next:

1- About the tubes:
2- The perfect camera settings:
3- Camera setup and focus:
Get the tubes at

More details and images on the blog:

My gear:
Rainbow holographic paper :
Holographic paper:

**Winner of the 9 mini tubes: Razal Riyaz! Congratulations**

— About the Tube Stories
We are Kim Henry and Eric Paré. We are a dancer/photographer duo making our way using a tube, a feather, and a flashlight. Everything we do is lit by hand, one frame at a time. Light-painting for us is a lifestyle, and this is what we share with our audience. The purpose of the Tube Stories is to bring a brighter and more colorful night to whoever is going to cross our path. Our work has been presented on the BBC, CNN, MTV, VICE, TEDx and much more.

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