The World’s WEIRDEST Camera Lens!

New Weird Camera Lens
-Laowa 24mm relay macro “snorkel” lens
-This is a 24mm F/14 2x macro lens
-This lens can be dipped underwater, allowing one to take underwater photos without an underwater housing for the camera
-On the downside the fact this lens has a long barrel and small lens allows in less light so you’ll need a good lighting solution when not shooting in full sunlight or a studio
-A major upside of this lens is you don’t end up having the shadow of your lens casting down on your subject.
-There is another lens, the Yasuhara Nanoha x5 macro, lens which solved this problem with built in lights at the front of the lens. This in the only lens to do that though.
-The unique fact that this snorkel lens is 24mm basically makes it a wide angle macro lens, allowing more viewable space including background in each shot.
-This lens comes with canon and nikon mounts but there are plenty of 3rd party adapters to get this onto any other camera out there.
-The lens is slated for a 2017 release, the price isn’t available yet.

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