Photography Hacks Part 01 | Phone + Camera

This week on The Memory Box, I took my camera on its maiden field trip to one of my favorite places in Bangalore, Cubbon Park. In this video, I tried to share some cool photography tips and tricks that I have learnt through spending countless hours on tutorials and taking pictures. These tips are device independent, so don’t let not having a camera stop you from taking better pictures!

While I did plan to shoot a lot more that’s there on this video, my first trip with the camera in an outdoor location taught me a lot in terms of making better quality video with color grading, recording high quality audio and more importantly, keeping track of natural light. I may not have been able to get the video in the exact shape that I wanted, but it’s progress, right?

As always, please share it with your friends and family! Much love!

Location: Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Camera: Canon 200D
Phone: One Plus 5

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