Photography Composition: Light Sword and Heaven on Earth

Check out my new studio setup: 50mm lens at f/5.6, ISO 250, and 1/25 second shutter speed recording in full HD. New light setup: 55 inch soft light octobox (key light), LED fill light, and fluorescent back light.

This video analyzes two photo: Light Sword and Heaven on Earth photos.

Light Sword composition covers:

* Focal Point – the bright light sword trail has the greatest area of contrast
* Leading Lines – railings lead the eye to the subject
* Large Depth of Field – foreground and background in sharp focus
* Figure to Ground Relationship – rim light outlines the subject’s back, head, and arms creating separation from the background
* Color Contrast – the warm red wood contrasts with the cool cyan blue light sword trails and water
* Framing – the light sword trails frame the subject
* Dynamic Symmetry – composed in root PHI framework with image aspect ration of 11×14 the Baroque Diagonal locks into the front edge of the light sword trail. Reciprocal of Sinister diagonal parallels the arms.

Heaven on Earth Composition:

* Figure to Ground Releationship – dark hair an skin contrasts with light background, dark shadows at waist and arm contrasts with bright highlights on the water
* Low Angle – camera angle positions the horizon line at the model’s chest which is better than her neck or head
* Dynamic Symmetry – root PHI framework 11×14 image aspect ratio 1.272 both major diagonals lock into the model’s waist. Sinister diagonal and reciprocal locks into the model’s nipple on the top left polar point. This reciprocal also locks into the model’s chest and shoulder.

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