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Photography Behind The Scenes Video Photographer Craig Beckta
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In this video I take you behind the scenes and reveal a 3 light portrait lighting set up I have been using on the last couple of portrait shoots…

The main light is a 60 inch Photek Soft Lighter with diffusion and and it is incredibly soft and flattering for Portraits. The strobe is a Paul c Buff Einstein e640.

The Camera I used for the shoot was the Nikon D810 with the Nikon 85mm F 1.4G lens.

The hair light is a medium strip bank with a grid for more control and the fill light is a Mola Demi white 22 inch Beauty Dish with diffusion.

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Music: Dont’ Hate Me by the Jingle Punks
Model: Charlotte Thompson
Videography: Josh Szeto
Video Editing: Craig Beckta

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