Photo Editing : Control Light Effect in Photography in Photoshop in Hindi

दोस्तों आप सभी जानकर काफी खुश होंगे कि किसी भी फोटो को सिर्फ एक या दो मिनट में editing या retouching किया जा सकता है. तो आप इस वीडियो को देखिए और किसी भी अपने फोटो को 1 minute में retouch कीजिए. आप सभी फोटोशॉप की सभी वीडियो की practical ज़रूर किया करे.

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In this Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to retouch photo with unique technique in Photoshop in one or two minutes only in Hindi or Urdu. About Photo editing or retouching of skin you will know all the way. Dear friends in this skin retouching tutorial in Hindi you will learn start to end complete editing. In this video you will learn how to control light effect on photo.
Process of skin retouch in Photoshop is not a easy task but if you want to do complete it must watch this tutorial full.

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In these all queries the most common question from the users is, What is photo retouching?
For this question, ‘Charles Haacker’
(Retired professional photographer, very amateur historian)
Editing is the most basic. I pretty much never show any picture that has not been edited, especially since I started shooting exclusively raw a couple of years ago. Unlike out-of-camera jpegs, raw must be edited. After I do my initial cull, every remaining file gets some adjustment, usually in Lightroom. This is where I make sure the white balance is right, the exposure is right, there is a basic white and a basic black, detail in the highlights and also in the shadows. I may crop. I may even need to do a little sharpening. All of this I consider routine, even with jpegs.

Retouching goes a step beyond editing/adjustment. This is where, for example, in a portrait I will go back and smooth the skin, reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles, remove glasses glare, even remove some stray hairs. Much of that can be done in Lightroom, or if you prefer you can go to Photoshop or Elements. Of course there are many other apps and programs out there that can do the job; I am just most familiar with Adobe, and Adobe is the Gold Standard. One of the greatest things about digital (so far as I am concerned) is that this can be done so seamlessly as to be invisible.

Manipulation is where you start actually making changes to the original file. This is where you remove offending light standards or fire plugs, maybe add a bird into an empty sky, or even go in and change an entire background. I frankly do quite a few “face swaps” to open eyes or just get a better expression. To do most of that requires the power of Photoshop or Elements, or something similar that offers layers and pixel-level editing. Lightroom cannot handle it. If you are shooting for news or evidence this kind of thing is generally strictly prohibited, especially these days when a skillful worker can do it so seamlessly that it is undetectable, and therefore dishonest.

I found it interesting and even a little amusing that has this definition for Photo Retouching: Photography. To alter (a negative or positive) after development by adding or removing lines, lightening areas, etc., with a pencil, brush,or knife

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