Lesson – Professional Aerial Photography Tips & Tricks flying around Fraser Island.pt2.

This is the videos second part, relating to aerial photography.

In the first part, Flying around Fraser Island whale watching and spotting, my wife discovered there were difficulties photographing from an aircraft.

In this video we look at how to get around these problems, and learn some tips and tricks to make life easier for us, even if we don’t have professional photography equipment.

I believe you will get at least two great tips out of this video, if not more!

About my Youtube channel:
Hello, I am CrayonBox. I learnt to fly trike in 2012, and my location is near Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia.

This vLog is a project where I take you to the skies and we discuss ideas and flying as I ride solo or with a rear seat passenger.

Enjoy my exciting new series of videos – Microlight Flight vLogs. I look forward to chatting with you in the comments, or at air events!

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Buckle Up! Let’s go.

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Location: Hervey Bay.
Flying Base: Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.
Current aircraft: P&M QuikR Explorer 912ULS
Day Job: Commercial Photographer/videographer, commercial drone pilot.
Interests: Flying, Fast cars, Motorcycles, and good friends.

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