How To – Perfect White Background (High Key Lighting) – Steady Focused Ep 026

High Key photography, high key video equals totally blown out, totally white, over exposed background. It’s an awesome look that generates high quality professional results.

You can easily achieve this! Just remember these few quick tips:

1.) Have a white background. This can be a door, a scrim, a diffuser, a sheet or a backdrop.

2.) Light the background. You can light your background with constant lights, a flash, the sun, a flashlight… just remember to light it independently of your subject.

3.) Overexpose your background. Within the settings in your camera, overexpose your background to give it the blow out, totally white look we are seeking.

4.) Place and light subject. With an additional light (again this can be a flash, a constant light, the sun, etc.), light your subject and expose for the subjects skin.

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