How to Create 3 Different Beauty Lighting Setups Using V-Flats

One of my favorite tools to use in the studio are v-flats, I find their versatility to be endless and are an essential part of my photography. They help control light, bounce light, block light — not many other photography modifiers can boast that!

In this video I’ll show you three beauty lighting setups that use v-flats and how simple tweaks can dramatically vary the results.

I use a single modifier (Large Umbrella + diffusion), 1 or 2 strobes, and V-flats. By purposefully varying the placement/use of each element I am able to create several different beauty looks in a matter of minutes.

The cool thing about the v-flats ( I’m using is that they are collapsible, something that I previously was unable to do, resulting in very large and cumbersome pieces of foam core in the studio.

Setup 1: Golden skin tones with V-flats as fill
Setup 2: Dramatic beauty with V-flats as negative fill
Setup 3: Glowing beauty within a V-flat

So what did you think? Are v-flats something that you think you would find as a valuable tool in your photograph arsenal? Comment below!

Camera Gear:
Canon 5D IV –
Canon 24-105mm 4.0 –
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 –

Lighting Gear:
1 or 2 Profoto D2s –
1 Large Umbrella + Diffusion –
2 Collapsible V-flats (V-flat World):

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