Fuji X100F: Tele and Wide Conversion Lenses?!

In this video, I’m shooting with the Fuji X100F and the Tele and Wide conversion lenses. The Fuji X100F, has a 23mm fixed lens which is a 35mm equivalent. The Tele conversion lens brings the focal length to 33mm or 50mm equivalent, and the Wide conversion changes the focal length to 28mm equivalent.

Both conversion lenses are tack sharp and don’t affect the image quality. The nice thing is that these version II conversion lenses are auto-sensing, so you don’t need to go into a menu when you put them on, the camera just detects the adapter.

These conversion lenses make enough of a difference in versatility for the X100F, but they also add bulk and weight. It’s a tough call so I’ll let you decide.

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