Drink & Juice Photography Editing – Photoshop Tutorials | Tips | Tricks

This is step by Step photoshop tutorial for Drink and Juice Photography.
Post Production Tutorials for Drink and Juice Photography.
Step to Retouch photograph in Photoshop are:
1 – Duplicate layer
2 – Retouch photo with spot healing tool
3 – Retouch photo with Liquify Filter
4 & 5 – Duplicate retouched photo and using camera raw filter overexpose photograph. Use Select Subject option to Select overexposed drink or Juice photograph.
6 – Use Select and mask option to refine your selection
7 – Copy selection of retouched layer and Copy selection in new layer.
8 – Duplicate it and Flip new layer to verticle to make reflection
9 – Add Black background
10 – Reduce Opacity of layer and add black and white mask gradient on it

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