Basic Photography Course (My Masters Degree Course Project)

In this video the basics of photography are covered. The lesson starts from Technicalities which covers Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and then talks about 4 basic photography composition rules on Simplicity, Framing, Zoom Factor and Rule of Thirds

This Video is a Student Project for
Shepherd College (Purbanchal University)

Course: Masters in Media Technology
Semester: 3rd (Year 2)

Student Name: Pratik Man Singh Pradhan
Student ID: 057-1-3-05976-2014
Module Name: Television Production Technique
Module Code: MT4321

Module Leader: Prakash Jung Karki

Video Length: 21 (Mins) : 27 (Seconds)
Video Type: Educational Documentary (Video Tutorial)

Special Thanks to my Mentors
Suresh Acharya and Prakash Jung Karki